1. Agnes Martin - Rain (Study)


  2. kazu721010:

    House of Nagahama / Takashi Okuno


  3. krgkrg:

    Geometric necklace by Sarah Shikama

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  4. mpdrolet:

    White Dots from Sea Change

    Mary Ellen Bartley



  6. blueberrymodern:

    erich borchert 1928


  7. artruby:

    Gabriel Pionkowski, Untitled, (2011) at The Hole

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  8. canadianlesbianandgayarchives:

    Title page from 1860 edition of Walt Whitman’s long poem Leaves of Grass. The CLGA holds several editions of Whitman’s poetry in our rare books collection. #NPM14

    I celebrate myself,
    And what I assume you shall assume,
    For every atom belonging to me, as good belongs to you.

    Canadian Lesbian + Gay Archives

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  10. likeafieldmouse:

    J. M. W. Turner 

    1. A Study of Skies

    2. Sunrise

    3. Sun Rising over Water or Wet Sands

    4. Sunrise at Sea

    5. A Crimson Sky

    6. A Fiery Sunset

    7. Crimson Sunset

    8. Running Wave in a Cross-tide: Evening


  11. jvnk:

    Shkatulka Storage Kit

    Shkatulka is Russian for a casket. Caskets with a ‘secret’, special opening mechanism, were very popular in Russia from ancient times and were used for keeping valuables and important items. Storage kit Shkatulka has a secret too, as well as valuable contents. It is a set of various modules. You can change their combination depending on the functional needs.

    Designed by Lesha Galkin

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  13. blueberrymodern:

    paul gillis at the edward cella gallery in los angeles.

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  15. samantharobinsonstudio:

    Untitled (Sewn Blue Septagon), 2014

    Dye and ink on muslin

    18 3/4” by 18 1/8”, each side 8 1/2”


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