1. ceramicsparadise:

    Gertrud Vasegaard

    (via phillipfinderceramics)


  2. scandinaviancollectors:

    HENRI LAURENS, Composition, 1916. / Wiki Paintings


  3. collectorandco:

    dip-dyed stool / table

    (via an-echo-a-stain)



  5. mentaltimetraveller:

    Mark Barrow

    (via adjutor)


  6. northmagneticpole:

    Phillip Low

    (Source: ccc, via theendlessplainoffortune)


  7. Western Yarrow by Mary Morris Vaux


  8. northmagneticpole:

    Jacqueline Smith

    (Source: aufwiedersehen, via blueberrymodern)




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  13. likeafieldmouse:

    Peter Frie - Eliopainting #10 (2009)



  15. paper—ships:

    Agnes Martin